Over the past two years of having to deal with lockdowns and uncertainty with life. I like many others packed on a few pounds. I walked around with the extra weight saying ”.“I put on COVID weight”. I lost most of it when I decided that I wanted the extra weight gone. (I decided not the media)

Like many others who struggle with weight, I have done diet pills, personal trainers, no carbs, start solution, keto, starve my self and binge eat. 

No, I am at my goal weight. (are we ever ?) 

When the weight came on I felt like crap, I won’t lie. My clothes weren’t fitting and I felt so guilty and shameful about what I had done to pack on the pounds. I summed up my guilt and shame due to me knowing how hard I had worked to lose 55 lbs, that how dear I even put back on 20lbs. 

Over a few months ago, I took a step back and focused solely on my mental health. My mental health was going and that needed more attention. I didn’t need more cardio or salads, I needed more time to focus on “ME”. I did my journaling, I did meditation in the morning and before bed, I filled up my “ME” time with books that interest me (reading is my happy place in case you didn’t know), I also took the time to prepare my lunch the night before, and I had a 3-day yoga rule (must get 3 days in of yoga for a week). 

Do you know when I started to put the love and attention on me, the weight started to come off. I also gave up drinking and I know that played a huge part in my weight going up. 

I don’t feel guilty anymore if I have chocolate or anything that the media tells me not to eat. But I am mindful about what I am putting into my body and when I feel like I want to live on the edge a bit, sure I’ll have so caramel popcorn, but I will not go into a mind loop of “Bad Girl, you are so fat you shouldn’t have eaten that”. 

It’s okay to have a cookie, it’s okay to have seconds of mom’s famous stuffing or crab pie. 

What’s not okay is that you spend hours or days shaming yourself for a short period of indulgence. 

It irritates me that all social media platforms will push diet ads in our faces during this time of year. They do this because they know most of us are going to embark on a short-lived high of a new year’s resolution of “losing weight”. If I could have it my way, I would legally ban these ads from popping up. I think it just puts unnecessary pressure on us. 

When you think about it, I am sure most of the changes you have made in your life, just came from you making up your mind and having a plan/routine. 


Use mindfulness, when you are gathered around the table of goodies. 

Ask your self “am I hungry”, “Do I need this 4th slice of pie? “ I am pretty sure with a bit of mindfulness you will be able to get that craving meet and under control in no time. There is no room for guilt this Christmas. 

We all have more than enough on our minds and hearts this year, we should not be adding guilt to it.

This Christmas put down the guilt, be present with yourself, be proud that you have made it through another year of the world’s “Gone Mad” phase. Be delighted in knowing your own strength, and indulge in all you have to be grateful for, and most of all BE KIND to yourself. 

Have the dam cookie if you want to. 

Love Always,