Gladiolus is known as a flower that is symbolic of strength. The word gladiolus comes from the Latin word gladius, which means sword, and the leaves of the gladiolus are shaped like swords.

It’s might take you a few Magical Moments to make you realize that you have a powerful gift inside of you.

 You have more strength than you are even aware of. 

You are much stronger than you think or anyone else thinks of you. 

Don’t doubt yourself when things get hard, but take a moment of silence and pray. 

Don’t be hard on yourself, take a break and journal what you feel.

Don’t think it’s over, because when you think it’s over, you have just begun. 

Finding your inner strength doesn’t come easy. The people that tell you it’s easy are lying to you. 

You were not conditioned to know how you are strong growing up, so don’t expect your adult self to know this truth. 

Take the time you heal old wounds, and let that Strength that’s inside, make its way, let it finally have a place to stay and shine. 

Your anger will serve you. 

Your anger will fule you. 

Your anger will let people go.

And my darling 

You’ll feel different in more ways than one. 

You are not crazy, your levelling up and your strength feels like a superpower and that is exactly what it is. 

So, use your STRENGHT for good, don’t harm anyone, treat people with kindness, and walk away from anything and anyone that doesn’t support this WOMAN you have become.

 Never again walk away from yourself is the pledge you took to gain your strength. So don’t you dear let anyone take what you worked, cried and prayed so hard for away from YOU, don’t you dear lose YOU again. 

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