Have a SOBER Holiday !!!


It’s been 9 weeks since I gave up Drinking. 

I have learned so much about the Drinking Culture over these past 9 weeks. I have seen the media for what it is and how it can be very influential when it comes to women and drinking.

 I have seen more celebrities come out saying they gave up drinkings like Drew Berrymore and Adele. I have seen the word Alcoholic being tossed around when it shouldn’t be, I have seen the enormous support you can get from connecting with others via Twitter and Instagram, and I have reflected on my life with a clear mind and gained clarity.

This will be my last entry concerning my sobriety this year. I will be going on not one but two vacations. WOOOO HOOOOO !!!!! YUUPPPPIIIEEE !!!!

I haven’t been able to see my son in Florida and my Family in Toronto due to the pandemic for 2 YEARS, Yes a whole 2 years. 

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I am so happy and grateful that I came out of this pandemic with a blog, gave up drinking and took full ownership of my emotions and life. 

I have cried a lot this year, I have begged God for mercy so hard this year that I thought I was going to give up on myself. 

I have fallen to my knees and given up hope, only to be restored with sterthgth, determination and using the F word a lot. 

I couldn’t have gotten where I am today without myself. While many people look and thank others for their worth and power, I look to GOD and MYSELF for my worth and power. 

In my darkest of hours, it was just me, my conversations with God and my inner power that got me by and also Pizza, okay and maybe Vodka too (don’t judge!!) 

My biggest lesson from this year is that I have the power to face shit without getting shit face aka hangover. 

I didn’t choose to give up drinking because I was an Alcoholic, I have been sober curious for years and just saying the word “Sober Curious”, makes me feel as if I am trying on new sexuality, but I guess it is me trying on a new life, one without drinking, hangovers and regrettable text messages. 

I gave up drinking because I had living proof in front of my face every day of what addiction looks like. My father has hurt me, disappointed me, let me down, embarrassed me, betrayed me, worried me, and disrespect me all in the name of ADDICTION. My father might be an Alcoholic but I have his addiction to thank for not wanting to have that substance in my life and break generational curses that might be looming in our family.


Back in August, I was faced with a choice “choose me” or “End it all”. I felt like I couldn’t get out of my head and hated life to the max. 

I learned a lot about my own resilience, my own inner power. 

I learned that as women, we all have this power within us. 

We have to give our self permission to get this power, hold on and let the world see who we truly are. 

You’d be surprised to know that the universe has been waiting on your rebirth for a long time. 

From my family to yours. Have a wonderful, safe and plenty of blessings kinda Holiday. 

For anyone who is travelling, I know it’s going to be different than what we are all used to. I know there will be delays, but for the love of God, keep your Kool, and be Kind

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