A year of saying “NO”

I will be ending this year saying “NO” to things that have no place in my life. Drinking “NO”, Smoking “NO”, Crazy Diets “NO”, Toxic Relationships “Nope not me sir”, going broke HELL NOOOSSSSS !!!!!

I am going into the new year as 2022, being my year of saying “NO”. 

Shonda Rhimes wrote a book called the year of saying “yes” and while I am taking the same approach, I am making room for all the things in my life I want so badly to say YES to. 

I want to say YES to having the guts to move back home to Toronto, create a home for my son and myself, where we can be safe and proud, I also want good health care. I want to put more focus on helping others with what I have learned, I want to say YES to earning and attracting more money. I want to say YES so BAD that I know I must start saying “NO”

So join me next year and let 2022 be your year of saying “NO”, to allow more to come into your life. 

Saying “NO” can be empowering

Are you a people pleaser, are you fed up and tired of doing for everyone and almost always you never get noticed, not so much as a thank you. 

If that’s the case then saying “No” will be your ticket to some mental freedom. 

NO is a simple word with a ton of action and impact behind it. 

Before we go any further you need to ask yourself why is it so hard to say no? 

For me, it was the fear of not being liked or coming off as a snob. 

Saying No is more pleasing to the hear than going around telling people you have “Boundaries”. I have no idea why this is but people actually take offence to the word boundaries. Or maybe I have just encountered serious assholes ..lol either way try saying “no, thank you not this time”

Saying NO frees up your time to do things that really matter to you 

Say NO to Micromanaging everything in the office and home. Delegate some tasks and free up your mind space and give some time back into you.

Say NO to the overtime when you know all you want to do is finally get a chance to put those kids to bed or watch Netflix on the sofa. 

Say NO to the bull shit excuses you tell yourself of why you can’t be enough or why you keep putting you last on the to-do list. 

 Say No to pretending you’re okay when you know your ass needed to be in therapy a long time ago. Make that call and get an appointment with a therapist. 

Oh and just to let you know therapy is for everyone, you don’t need to be suffering to go to a therapist.  

Say NO to rituals and practices you don’t agree with or resonate with. 

Say NO to Friendships and Relationships that exhaust you.  

I am not saying turn down every invite that comes your way, but turn down the ones that suck the dam life out of you.

 I have turned down many invites from my family over the past years and never felt bad about it afterwards. I knew I was not going to enjoy their company and I rather stay home and read than pretend I am enjoying myself. Then I have had times I went, and I was happy that I did. 

The reason I ask you to say “NO”, is because it makes you pause for a moment, it allows you to get in touch with your intuition or gut feeling.

  • Who or what are you really avoiding by always saying YES to people and things?. 
  • Are you avoiding yourself?. 
  • Do you not think you are worth some me-time or leisure time ?. 
  • Do you think the only way to be productive is to be busy? 

 I have had women come to me and say, “I am so tired, I am fed up, I have no time for this or that”. I just sit back and listen because I know without a doubt their life is busy and hard, without a doubt they overextend themselves to others and do not give an ounce of quality time to themselves. 

It can be done. You can say “NO” to the things that don’t make your soul sing.

Say “YES” to the things that matter most to you. 

What do you think you will say “NO” to this year ?. 

Don’t die with your music still inside of you

Dr. Wayne Dyer

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