Recap of the 8 weeks:

So far, it’s been great. I had two slip-ups in my attempt to live a sober life. The first slip up I gave myself a shit load of guilt and shame. I didn’t do anything stupid when I drank, I just wanted not to be a drinker anymore. Guilt and shame flooded my brain, and, at that moment, I had to be reminded I needed compassion for myself. 

In the first 4 weeks, I saw the benefits on my body changing and being free, I saw my spiritual practice become stagnant and I am not sure why, one min I was showing up on the yoga mat, and meditation, then the next I just wanted to be in bed. So, I did what I needed. 

Clarity came in the form of my thoughts and action. I stayed more to myself and listened more to what others were saying. I had this great presence with me that told me to be calm. 

I upped my money game during this time as well. By that I mean I have started to save, started to say more affirmations concerning money and abundance, I started to get really clear on what I want out of life, I for the first time started to have a relationship with my money and treat it with much-needed respect, I even read some books on investments.

 I told the voice telling me I was too old, never going to be rich enough, never going to have this body, that house or the husband to “shut the F*ck Up”, because I have places to be, and I don’t want to miss a moment. I am so driven to live a more sober and healthy life for myself and for the woman I am becoming. 


I will tell you over and over again, don’t wait for anyone to save you. You have the power to transfrom your world.


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