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I recently bought a book called “Why Woo Woo Works”.

The book explains the science behind all the different unconventional  healing modalities.

 I am happy to know that we are heading into a different path when it comes to healing and using more natural products.

The WOO WOO world or spirituality world has been able to help thousands of people, it has been able to help with terminal illness, make transition to death much more comfortable, help heal depression and so on. 

If you want more info on the science behind woo woo read Why Woo Woo Works


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The industry has targeted those in need and those who are desperate just to feel okay or make magic happen in our  life. Maybe you want money, an ex-back , fertility, stop addiction. We all want to be someone we are not right now and we all want what we want since yesterday.

In my experience I was so fucking sold in buying crystals, burning sage, buying the most expensive yoga mats, Tarot Cards, Oracle Cars, herbal Teas, Supplements,  more fucking stones and spending more money on healing methods such as Rikki, SRT (spiritual responds therapy and Body Talk.

Did anyone of them bring me love, get me pregnant, heal my broken heart, of cure my depression …..NO

What it did do was make me waste my dam money.

Have you ever noticed how expensive that industry is ?.


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It’s very easy to get sucked in to the new norm and finally someone is telling me it’s okay to be a witch, or that I can wear crystal in my bra for protection.  

When I got into this WOO WOO world I was excited to play with so many things, but soon I started to feel like I wasn’t doing enough and no matter how many times I bought the best sage, charged my crystals that I spent ridiculous money on  crystals I didn’t feel any different than when they were not in my life.

I started to hate this ritual. I much  rather just sit in my bed and talk to the moon. I understood everything I was reading and loved it, but something wasn’t feeling right when I spent hundreds of dollars on items or healing practise telling me I will feel different.

I was desperate when woo woo found me. I was depleted inside and out. There is no other way to put it.

Sure Praying and Meditation helped me at that time. But when you are desperate you would go to a witch doctors and tell them you need x amount of potions and yes you’ll wear rose quarts and keep rose quarts all over your house to get Mr.Ex back or bring love into your life.

Nothing really worked until I did find something that did.


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The power you and I are all craving all come from our mind set, the way we think and one thing when it comes to WOO WOO that I do swear by is energy and the body holding on to trauma.

In his book the body keeps scores explain the effect on trauma on the brain and body. The book is a must read for EVERYONE.

After countless self-development books and healing books, one things stuck out to me. It was holding on to old beliefs about our self and the world around us.

It was when I started to listen and pay attention to how I was feeling that I noticed I had a very negative beife and very low self worth. That the environment I was in was literally soul sucking.

So I did something more drastic then shaving my head off to show the world I was screaming on this insides. I started to believe in Miracles and I started to study my mind and trauma as if I was research. for the first time in my life became in-tuned with my body, energy, spirit and mind.

My best investment were books and spending time watching content that were inspiring.

I kicked out unnecessary people from life and kept the ones my soul could dance with. I stopped watching the news and reading the news and I started to say “No” to things that were no longer serving me and I started to really give my self  “Me” time.

You don’t trinkets to heal, but you do need an open mind and constancy with your daily practice of checking in.

Checking in for me is meditatin in the morning, affirmations that make me feel something, journaling and taking the time to read. Some days its chocolate and coffee.

I would like to know. What healing methods work for you ?.  


Alternative Medicine Industry is estimated to have made 82.27 USD Billion in 2020, the predition for 2021 is approximately 100.08 Billion USD, it is expected to be 404.66 UDS Billion in 2028.