Of all the methods I tried for packing a carry-on for a week stay in Florida, the folding method combined with travel cubes worked wonders for me.

 I would highly suggest you invest in a set of Travel Cubes for packing your carry-on and other suitcases. I prefer to have the Travel Cubes size Med/LG, I found the small  Travel Cube to be somewhat pointless for clothing but can be used for hair accessories and costume jewelry.  

Rolling Method: This style looked really cool on Youtube, but did not work out well for me. I lost more space and it was not meant for the style of my clothing. 

Packing my yoga pants and Roots Track Suit using the rolling method was awful looking and took up too much space. I do not suggest using the rolling method for bulky clothes such as sweater and track suites.

Tips for Folding: You have to press down on the clothing. Do it as neat as you possibly can. That’s it !!!. It was that simple.

I love the Travel Cubes because you can make organization so much better. All my yoga pants and t-shirts went into one cube. You can get a lot packed in one large travelling cube for your carry-on.

The Travel Cubes fit nicely into your carry on and you don’t have to worry about your clothes shifting or not having enough space.

My concern was that I wouldn’t have been able to pack what I really needed. But I did, I packed everything I needed for my trip. My time spent searching for a way to pack my carry-on was well worth it. Traveling is easy now with the packing methods I found to work best for me.

What is the 3-1-1 liquids rule?

Each passenger may carry liquids, gels and aerosols in travel-size containers that are 3.4 ounces or100 millilitres. Each passenger is limited to one quart-size bag of liquids, gels and aerosols. Common travel items that must comply with the 3-1-1 liquids rule include toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash and lotion.

Since I am not checking in any luggage on my way to Florida I needed to get some info on how I was going to pack my face, and by that I mean makeup. Sorry, I am past the years of walking out of my house looking like I am glowing. 

Using an empty contact case for your lotions, foundations and concealer was one tip I found and used it. 

I know how much foundation I use on a daily basis, so it was easy to pump out what I needed for my trip and it will be able to go into my carry-on with out me being over any sort of limits with my liquids. Make sure and seperate your liquids from the dry toilties and your liquids must be in a clear bag not exceeding 1 quart.

Yuppiiiee, so happy I am saving money while packing

 I love my face products and my stuff is not cheap. I am also not willing to put myself at the extra expense of buying travel size either. I found very tiny 2oz Plastic, Leak Proof containers . These were the perfect size for my face lotions, SPF, and liquid foundation. 

Another tip for packing makeup is to pack a travel-size eyeshadow pallet and try your best to keep it simple. 


I know the book in your hand feels awesome, but you don’t need the extra weight. 

When I was packing my backpack I packed all my personal documents, journal, snacks, MacBook, phone, chargers and Kindle. I can’t imagine travelling with a book anymore. Maybe one, but why when I have a Kindle. 

Having a Kindle is lightweight and it leaves more room for me to play with for any other items like blankets, more snacks and my neck pillow. 

Personally, I do buy books when I travel, but I would only purchase them when I know I am checking in the luggage. When you are travelling with only a carry-on, you will want to travel light. 

The biggest tips for Packing a Carry -on, are to keep it simple with the selection of your clothes, keep it light with all the makeup and facial products, and take the weight of your back and use a kindle instead of real books.

Happy Travels this Holiday Season. 

Is anyone else travelling this Holiday season ?. 

I did take Photos for you to see what how neat and organized everything came out, but for some odd reason the photos are not uplading today.

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