Benifits of Being Sober for a Month

It’s week 4 and I have made it to my first month living sober.

Now choosing to live this way wasn’t rocket science for me and it was fairly easy with a few bumps on the road. Yes, I did have my times in the past that I abused Alcohol, but I had tried on the sober hat before. 

I mentioned in my previous blog it all came down to me wanting a better healthier way of living. I am not just speaking about body healthy, but mostly mind and spirituality healthy oh and wallet healthy (money ). 


I went through the moods, had one night sweat and I clearly needed it. I prepared myself for socially awkward moments, I shamed my self then came to my own recuse and gave myself compassion. 

Giving myself compassion was the key that kept me going.  


1. Have Compassion for yourself. 

I learned in a moment of shaming myself for slipping up the first week to give myself compassion. If that was the only benefit of being sober this month, it was well worth the lesson and the slip-up. 


Choose not to tell anyone you’re going to be sober and have chosen the sober way of living. 

No one needs to know my business just as much as I don’t need to know theirs. It’s not my business to know how my aunty is losing weight. She’s doing her thing and I support and listen if I need to. 

What I learned from the last time with the sober living was, don’t announce it to the world. Somethings are better left to you and a few close people in your life. 

This takes the pressure off of you having to perform and act too preachy. The Benefit of this is that it will trickle into others areas of your life. I started the gym and told no one. 

We don’t have to tell people why or for what reason we are doing something to better ourselves. 

And let’s be honest here, the first thing people are going to ask you if you have decided to give up Alcohol is if you are an Alcoholic. Spear yourself the need to define why you are doing something for yourself, or ways how you can list all the health 

benefits, so they really don’t think you are an Alcoholic. 

I started to eat better this month with a few cravings for sweets, but overall, I have added more walking, using the cardio equipment at the gym, making my own salads and your girl even made her own salad dressing. Oh and I have even done more yoga and added herbal teas to my night time routine. 


I am finally getting a good night’s rest. This benefit was a big win for me. I spent the past 2 years not sleeping, or getting about 4 hours a night. Look my sleeping pattern was a hot mess. I use to wake up at 4:30 am, then found myself waking up at 7 am with only enough time to get ready for work. 

My routine in the morning with meditations and prayer has been restored thanks to the benefit of being sober. 


okay, this is a huge Benefit of Being sober. Sure maybe I use to use drinking as a way to escape from my own feelings of feeling like an utter failure, and a total loner. But let me just tell you, I always felt more like a loser the day after drinking. 

The hangovers left me looking like I aged a dam decade overnight, that I gained about 15 solid pounds because my entire body was swollen for all the alcohol and binge eating that accompanied it after the drunkness really got to my head. 

Do I still feel like I loner, of course, I do, and I’ll choose to be this kind of loner who blogs about her life over the hangover. 


“Cha-ching, money on my mind, money in my pocket”

Well if you like fine wine you know the cost.

 Drinking is not cheap. May I should repeat this.


Drinking is a whole nail appointment for me and not to mention all the extra books I can buy. 

With the money I was spending drinking on the weekends, I can now save towards my trip to Costa Rica, Turkey, Paris etc. 

Who doesn’t like having extra cash in their hands, no one that’s who. 

This Benefit of Being Sober this month came right in time while I started to educate myself and get smarter on my money. 

I still have moments when I feel overwhelmed. But you know what, I feel like my soul/spirit is being restored. I feel like I might be a hot mess, but I am focusing more now on how I feel and how I can make a difference in this world. 

My drive for being a better me is that I have lived through shit, and there is no way I want to continue living the way I live, not the same mindset, not the same habits and not the same excuses I gave myself for my pity parties. 

My Son is my biggest driving force and I am using my hurt from being so far away from him, to finally get my shit together. I am more certain now than any other time I have been, that I will do whatever it takes to leave where I am living to provide a better country and environment for us to live in. 


  1. ANGER 

I had a lot of built-up anger that came into my awareness during my first week of choosing to be sober. I think it came from knowing that I didn’t have the weekend to wash down the anger that’s inside of me. I was also a bit moody and on my moon cycle so, the emotions were there. 

What I did to feel better was just acknowledge my own anger, ask myself what I needed. 

In the moments of noticing my anger, I got sort of mad, because I am realizing I have been a pushover all my life, never standing up for what I want and always too scared of dreaming a bigger life for myself

This month I got angry with my self and I got angry with other people and I just let it flow. 

Yoga helped me and also joining the gym. 

Anger made me realize I have to set some fucking boundaries now with certain people.  

Do you relate to this post ?. Do you have any new routines or habits you are trying to bring into you life ?. What are you tips for staying focuse of life changing goals ?.

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