Alone on the Holidays: 5 Things to Do.

It’s that time of the year, everyone is either cheerful or pissed off.

Talk about balance, right!

One thing is for sure is that the Holidays are a difficult time when you are lonely. No amount of wine can take the pain away, and it’s not like you have chosen not to be included in events. Maybe you don’t have any family or friends like me in the country you live in.

I have been in situations where I was the Scrooge for the holidays and wanted nothing to do with Christmas. I was missing my family and son.

I was so lonely. 

Look, I won’t sugar coat it; it can be painful going through the Holidays by yourself. 

Since I have been there personally a few times, I can give you tips to help you get through it. 


 Maybe you have a holiday tradition at home and want to bring a little bit of home into your own living space. Decorations in your common area can boost your mood. It can make you feel at home and cozy. 

Decorate for you because you are worth it to have positive things around you. 

I had to do this one for myself for one year, I knew it would be hard, and I didn’t want to be depressed. I had my decor with me while watching the holiday shows and eating pizza on Christmas Day. 


You might have had a thought year, and this time can be an excellent opportunity to rest, catch up on all the TV shows you have been missing, sleep in if you want to. 

Thank God you have no nosy in-laws you have to see this year..lol 

Some people are actually boycotting the holidays with their families. Before the pandemic, my mother wanted to leave Toronto to spend her Holidays in an All-Inclusive, like the family from Home Alone, except she didn’t care too much who was going to come with her. She just wanted to be done with cold, winterish Christmas. 

They have people who want your peace right now, so enjoy that time you have for yourself. 


We wouldn’t be alone if we had a lot more connection to others, right?. Gosh, I remembered one Holiday that I stayed in my apartment for the whole week.

The only time I went out was to pay the pizza delivery man. I cried my eye out; the pain from being alone was so much. I remember one thing that brought me so much happiness and just felt cheerful. When my sisters FaceTiming me and they were all together, I got to see the snow and all the food.

For whatever reason, we might not be able to be in person with our loved ones. I think last year’s lockdown forced people to appreciate the tech side of the world. I know it’s not the same as a human connection but joining a meet-up group via Zoom, WhatsApp, Face Calling your family is honestly way better than hearing crickets. 


You might like dance, running, walking or yoga. Whatever it is, move your body. There are tons of mood benefits when we engage our body with the breath. It’s a form of mindfulness, letting your body release itself from negative emotions you might be holding on to.  

You will feel great engaging your body in movement. 

When you are alone for a holiday, motivation to do just about anything might be complex, and it can also be freeing knowing you can do whatever you want when you want. 


I have saved the best thing to do if you are alone for a holiday for last. 

Hear me out, my non-reading people. 

I have spent ten years alone; when I say this, I am not joking, and yes, I did go to work, but right after work, it was home. I have had one or two trips a year during the ten years to visit my family and see my son.

Depression kicks in when you are lost or lack connection. TRUST me; I have been there. 

One thing that got me through such hard times like the Christmas Holidays, Birthdays, and any given holiday was gaining knowledge about my pain, depression, anxiety, break-up (the need to obsessively call him or think about him). 

Reading self-development helped me get through the hard times.

Reading Fiction helped me escape without using numbing agents such as booze, sweets , and random hook-ups.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to read, you can listen to a book, read it on your computer, buy it on Amazon. 

Books make great companions when you are lonely.

Do you have some helpful tips we can add to the list? What brings you joy when you have to spend the Christmas season alone?

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