Gift Guide for Book Lover 2021

Happy Holidays!!!

 I am happy you are joining me on this Book Gift Guide for book lovers like me. I mean who better to ask “what should I get someone who loves to read”, than a person who will spend her last 20.00 on a book. 

Reading Socks $ 11 to $25  (Ages 6+) 

Maybe you are on a budget and would like something extra to your already purchased item. Reading socks are paired great with a good book or some nice bookmarks.

What are reading socks? Well, Indigo and Barnes and Nobel will have a range to choose from. Generally reading socks are just comfy cozy socks, some might have quotes that most bookish lovers like. Honestly, you don’t have to go wild when choosing great reading socks, but it’s nice to have them cozy and comfy.

Stay away from the word “Sustainable” when purchasing. This is just a marketing gimmick to make you pay more, thinking you are adding some sort of value to the environment. 

Reading socks are great if you live in parts of the world that is cold around this time of year. I currently reside in the Caribbean and I still use the reading socks my sister got me from indigo. They come in great when I spend rainy days in bed just reading when I am on my cycle and need the comfort and yes sometimes I put the ac on colder just so I can feel like I am home in Toronto.

If purchasing reading socks for someone in the tropics go for something lightweight. 

Scented Candles $ 15.00 to 30.00 (young adults +) 

You can’t go wrong with a scented candle. It’s a time of year we do a lot of entertaining and most people I know light a candle when they host to give the environment a great feel and vibe. 

I love lighting a scented candle while I am reading to give me a sense of calm and relaxation or for me to escape. Just like books, candles have a way of taking you to places you want to go. 

Candles go beyond just using it for reading. It’s also a form of self-care now, you’ll see lots of self-care packages out now that include scented candles. They make great gifts for the book lover in mind, teachers, family, Boss, etc 

Scented Candles are also a great way to shop locally. You don’t have to go into the famous Bath and Body Works. Around this time of year, there is a lot of local markets, pop-up shops and it’s great to shop local. #shoplocal 

Gift Cards $15 to $50 (All Ages) 

Look sometimes we just don’t know what are bookish fellows want to read. They don’t have a public wish list on Amazon and they just made it hard for you to choose a great book. 

Not all the top tens on Amazon or Bookstores are going to be great for everyone. 

I honestly would prefer if someone gave me a gift card then buy a book they “think I might like”. I however do have a wishlist that is public on Amazon and that is how my sisters can choose books for me. 

One of the reasons I love a gift card is because sometimes when a book is newly released it’s most often released in a hard copy format. You can spend close to $ 30.00 bucks for a book that you might finish in like 2 weeks or the book might not be that great. If you spend money on books as I do, you bargain shop or wait for the paperback that way I can get 2 books for the price of one. 

I know Amazon is great with shipping and all the other big chains of book suppliers, but this is also a nice chance to #shoplocal and support your local book store.

Gift Cards are always a safe choice for a Holiday Gift. 

Reading Light $13 to $ 25

When I heard that my sister started to listen to Audiobooks I was beyond happy. Look I don’t judge how you read books. Personally, I like all formats, PDFs, Kindle, Book in Hand, and Audio. To me however way you get the information you are seeking, the story told to you is your business.

My sister’s introduction with Audio special right now has her with a bit of a book fever, she wants to start a habit of reading a few pages before bed and mentioned she had to get a reading light. 

I LOVE my reading light, I take it with me whenever I travel, it’s in my bedroom at all times at night, just in case I am unable to sleep and need to read a few more pages. 

I got my reading light from Amazon on a black Friday sale. So far I have had it for a year, don’t have any complaints and it doesn’t make me want to stay up all night. I got the one with the yellow light and reading sometimes helps calm my mind before bed. It is one of the best Book Gifts ever to me.

This is a great gift for a teenager who loves to read, anyone who loves to read in bed or like my sis who wants to form a new habit of reading before bed.

Kindle $ 90.00 to $ 150.00 

Kindle, it’s another gadget in my bag I don’t think I can live without. Anytime I know I have an appointment I carry it with me. I can’t be bothered with staring into space while I wait, I mean what am I going to do go on IG again, talk to real humans…yeah no thank you. I’ll read a book. 

The Kindle paperweight comes in a variety of colours. What I love most about my Kindle is the lightness of it. Before I had an IPAD and when that broke I was not going to spend IPAD money you feel me. I don’t for one minute regret buying my kindle. 

Kindles are a Great Gift for all book lovers. I highly doubt any book lover is going to be disappointed in receiving a kindle as a gift for the holidays. 

During Covid, I bought more books on my kindle. it was simply cheaper that way with the cost of books and the amount I was reading. Oh, and Amazon has some really good deals at times with books costing you 1.99. Like, Hello, people!! might be a marketing thing, but I am sold. 

Ex-large Coffee Mug $ 15 to $30 (9+)

Ex-Large Coffee Mug Holiday Book Gift comes with so many added uses than just coffee.

 I love using an ex-large coffee cup for soup, cereal, and even a yogurt parfait. Basically, it’s your one-stop mug for everything. 

I am a coffee lover and Coffee is a must for me in the morning, wait let me rephrase that. I better have my coffee in the morning if I want to keep my job and stay out of prison. Coffee Addict yeah sure call me whatever, just don’t mess with my morning coffee. 

I like a coffee mug in the morning, and I like it better when it’s personalized or has a festive them to it like the Holidays. Yeah, I am also one of those that might pull out a Mug with a snowman and snowflakes in June. 

Who doesn’t like cuddling up with a good coffee/tea and a book? 

You can get Coffee Mugs now with prints and quotes related to Book Lovers. check out Esty for some unique ones. 

BOOKS $ 10.00 – 50.00 

The best way to buy books is to know the age bracket you are shopping for, read reviews on the books, and just remember books come in a lot of genres now. If you are shopping for your 3 year old Nephew and he likes dinosaurs they have books with Dino’s teaching you how to use manners and fun storytime tales.

What do you want the reader to have in his/her hand ?. maybe someone you know just went through a loss, breakup, divorce, miscarriage. You will want to get books tailored to that person’s needs in the self-development area. 

I am great at recommending books so if you need a personal recommendation don’t be shy to reach out. I love suggesting books. 

Buying a book for someone is personal, and can be very intimidating. One great way to find out what genre of books they like is to ask what is the top 3 favourite books they have read this year. Find out what they like, what they want to learn more about, what stories excite them. This will help you with your quest for a great Book Gift.

Finding the right book on your own can be hard if you don’t know the person on a personal level, I mean what if you buy them a book they already have. This is why it’s important to include the gift receipt when gift wrapping. 

If you want to give a gift in a form of a book and are not sure there are also journals that make great gifts for Book Lovers, how else do you expect us to write our must-reads for the next year?


  • Throws (blankets)
  • Book Marks
  • Teas/Coffee sets
  • Wal Art (something to do with books)
  • Tote for carrying many books one can hold.
  • T-shits “My weekend is all Booked”

Your options are not limtied. I hope my Book Gift Guide for Book Lovers helped you out.

Stay tuned for the best gifted books for both men and women. Post should be up by the end of the week.

Link to My Wish List

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