Food Bloggers I Salute YOU!!!!

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There is a lot of things I am, a food blogger is not one of them.

When starting my blog and wanted to add things to my site to seem interesting. For someone who hates cooking well use to, I am back with the kitchen again.

However, I tried on two occasions writing down recipes that I have been able to master in my kitchen, they are easy and taste great. When it came to the writing part, I thought it was straight up boring.

Then I had to remember to take a photo of my food I was making.

I have been cooking as a form of therapy and the last thing I wanted to do it take out my phone to get a perfect shot.

Then they have testing in the kitchen.

And the list goes on.

After a few months of trying and not enjoying it at all. I realized I like telling stories, I like being the writer. That is my creative side. I’ll leave the food blogging to the ones who soul shines when they talk about new kitchen gadgets.

What I will do is give you a story about the dishes I make, no recipe, and why did I make it, as cooking and food has always been part of my journey with body image, self-discovery, bonding time and now therapy.

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