Chana Masala

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It took one craving and two weeks of endless YouTube and blog reading to build up the strength to make Channa Masala. 

I love Chickpeas and I had a craving for Indian Food. 

I was intimidated by the recipe, with this new way of cooking and spices I had to get acquainted with. It wasn’t my usual go to pasta dish loaded with cheese to mask the fact that I am doing hardly any work at all and just need to be out of the kitchen FAST. 

In two stirs I can lose my thoughts, almost and completely gone from my present moment. Just like meditation music, the aroma from the bubbling pot brings me back to my moment. 

cooking has become the hardest form of meditation for me.

Just me in the kitchen. 

It’s a deep breath in.

A Pause. 

And a reminder of why I am making Channa Masala. 

Why am I making Channa Masala? 

Because I am worth it, that’s why. I am worth getting my cravings meet, I am worth taking a detour into the culinary lane, while I am escaping my old life of no therapy, sleeping pills and too much booze to pass the weekend away. 

Chana Masala is bursting with flavour and heat from the chillies and cayenne pepper I used, too much heat and I added coconut milk. 

I took a risk with the coconut milk, not all recipes I saw online used it. 

The risk I took was perfect, with no judgment on my behalf like “am I going to screw up Channa Masala.” 

It came out better than I had expected.

Channa Masala is telling me to take more risks. Not with booze or people or junk food, nothing of that sort, but telling me to go where my craving is. 

Wherever or whatever my soul is craving go there, be there, sit there, taste there, live there, dance there.

Feed your soul in whatever way you can. 

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