For someone who doesn’t watch the news I seem to be too informed on matters that are giving me anxiety.

Never did I think that Mr. Biden would make me apricate Trump, that I would look at the democrats in a whole new light. I am not even into politics; shit I am not even an American.

I asked myself why Trump was so hated, I think it’s because he did rub a lot of circles the wrong way.

It breaks my heart for what we are facing today in the world with the mandate of vaccines. It’s just disgusting how governments all over the world has abused the use of power during the pandemic, to insert a dictatorship.

Here in Trinidad, it’s getting worst. Every day they seem to be coming out with a new way of making criminals out of their own citizens. Charging them for not wearing a mask, implanting high property tax in a pandemic when most of the working class has been out of work during the lock down, and they are even charging you for being in your own yard after crew few times.

Trinidad is a poor country; at the rate it is going right now. Trinidad will be worst then Venezuela.

So here is my thing with the vaccine. Why are we taking this again if we still must wear a mask? and even though I have the vaccine I can still get covid?… people are dying 10 times more with Cancer, Obesity and Diabetes, right?

TOO MANY FUCK’S!!!!! That’s how I feel.


No update.


No update.

I feel like a downer these days. I just want to run way!!!

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