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Jack and I have been in contact with each other. We are starting our no-contact for self-reflection on Monday. 
I still however kept my date with myself. Dressed up and went to the tattoo shop to finished up my leg tattoo. 
Recently, Jack and I have been opening up to each other and the conversations have been deep. Talking about childhood, about past loves.

It’s not easy speaking about your past relationships. I do feel it is necessary to be open and honest about certain aspects of your life. At the same time, you have to have trust and safety in the conversations. 

Jack is slowly doing the self-development work. I do have to remind myself that I need to have a bit more patients with him. Listen a bit more with care and it’s not always about me. 

Am I ready to dive deeper into my own healing…honestly I am scared. I am not heading into healing the “Mother Wound”. More on this in another post. 

Therapy today was a bit challenging. 

Can’t I just make a wish, wake up and everything is just magically all better. 

Doesn’t work that way, we still have to do the work and it takes time, love and care. As with anything else in life right ?… 

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