It’s Melo. I am still awaiting the blog piece from my guess blogger from Ontario. She is a bit busy with the transition of back to school with the kids. We can cut her some slack right. 

I didn’t want to have the announcement hanging on too long without giving you some content. 

Since I am a character by my fine self. I thought I give the food part of this blog a shot. 

So, here is my thing when it comes to food. I love it !!! 

I love trying new foods from all parts of the world, I love a bit of spiciness to my dishes, and I don’t ever shy away from desserts. Not a fan of mushy food like flan or porridge. It’s a texture thing for me, I guess. 

I’ll try it once is my motto with food. 

I don’t eat pork and most days I keep a vegetarian diet. 

I used to bake a lot when I was living in Florida. My White Chocolate Cheesecake with Blue Berry Pie topping is something to be greedy about. 

I lost my cooking and baking Mojo when I moved to Trinidad. 

I should have upped my game when I moved here because I am not a fan of all of the local cuisines. That would have saved me years of constant complaints about how much I miss the food in Toronto and Florida. 

I have spent most of my 9 years living alone. So, I said “Fuck it “and became extremely LAZY when it came to cooking. I just don’t have to same drive to put full meals together. Then I am left eating the same food for days. 

I have found it is much cheaper for me to buy food than cook. 

I do enjoy cooking with good company now, having a pizza party, or nacho nights, even baking with the kids when I get a chance to travel. 

I have days where I am craving home-cooked food, but like I mentioned before I am LAZY MELO in the kitchen. I have no shame either with my laziness. 

Food has been a part of my healing journey. I always say, “if you want to get to my heart you need to feed me”. 

I keep my cooking simple, and lazy as much as possible. I have books to read, no time to look at a stove with amazement now! NOW LET’S COOKING THE LAZY WAY SHALL WE!!! 

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