I love the rain, but not when I am driving. Here we have been experiencing very unruly weather. Trees falling down, lights going out, and heavy downpours of rain. 

While I was out it started pouring and I really didn’t want to go into panic mode, so I decided I needed some bass.
It’s essential for me to have a good sound system in my car. Thankfully, I do have a good one. I turned up the volume and just felt the base from the music until I got home.

The rain hasn’t stopped since I got home.

Tonight I am feeling for a nice glass of wine or maybe a reasonable whisky.


This isolation is getting to me and I am wondering how much longer can I Indore this lonely life.
Connection is so important and I only wish now that I had made the effort years ago to attract meaningful people into my life.

Studies have shown that we are social beings, tribal by nature. 

More women today will die younger due to loneliness than breast cancer, smoking, or heart attack.
John Bowlby understood that our need for someone to share our lives with is part of our genetic makeup and has nothing to do with how much we love ourselves or how fulfilled we feel on our own.

Levine, Amir; Heller, Rachel. Attached: 

Connection is essential in the way we were made. 

Other studies have shown that people who are in relationships tend to strive better at career, school, and social settings. We have a sense of belonging when we are coupled up, it furthermore gives us a sense of safety and security. It’s just the knowledge you have someone to come home to after work, someone to sleep next to. Sure we have many striving folks out there that are happily single and doing great things with their life. I am sure they have connections to family and friends, maybe even a pet.

Other studies have show that even though we are living in a social network online, we are the most isolated generation that has ever existed. Our brains do not pick up that a connection from other human via FaceTime or WhatsApp (using these apps as examples). Our brains understand touch and feeling the other persons energy.

Depression rates have sky rocket over the past five years, pandemic added to this rising number of mental illness and suicide rate.

Both books “Hold me Tight” and “Attached”. pointed out the importance of being in a relationship from a medical standpoint.

Sociologist James House of the University of Michigan declares that emotional isolation is a more dangerous health risk than smoking or high blood pressure,

Johnson, Dr. Sue. Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love.

I am here wondering if I am going to die from loneliness. Sometimes it becomes unbearable, sometimes you just need a bit of company.

Maybe you haven’t checked in on a friend in a while, maybe now will be a good time to call and schedule a meet-up. Maybe you can offer your company to someone today. 

With travel bands, and still lockdown policy I need to find a way to deal with this loneliness. I like my own company but 99% of the time is not healthy on any level. 

Have a great weekend where ever you are in the world.