Trinidad & Tobago

I must have gotten wet in the rain about 5 times. Had a mishap in the warehouse where a whole pallet of Water just went all over the floor. Dealing with the company that delivered the water. Gosh!!! I was not dressed today to be trolling up and down. I purposely wore a dress today because I was going into the Tattoo Shop to getting my dressing removed. 

Tomorrow is Independence Day for Trinidad. So, the roads are a mess. 

I tried to use my people skills today, with the company, a customer on the phone, and the staff at the tattoo shop. So far, it’s uncomfortable but I am getting the hang of just not overthinking things. 


When I started this blog, I made one thing clear. I wasn’t going to share the link with anyone I know. That would give me free rein to talk about anything I please. I didn’t want to censor myself. I wanted it to be a free writing range for me. 

I started an IG account for the blog and there is no personal information. I thought that maybe that will generate more readers and people I can engage with. Prior to this blog, I had deleted all personal social media. 


Skater Guy was the one to undress me (okay not the way I was daydreaming about..haha) but he was the one that took off my dressing for the tattoo. 

I tried to use my people skills on him, asking him questions about himself. I remembered that he was reading “The Power of Now”,  

I tried not to pay too much attention to his hand rubbing my leg with the solution to take off the dressing, my mind would have gone into all different directions if I did (blushing).  

Photo by Michelle Leman on Pexels.com

I had told him last time about a book that I think he might like. He remembered; he says to me I looked out for the message with the book, but I didn’t get it. 

Strange because I had sent it on IG. Then I remembered I am using my blog name. Most of my posts are about healing and relationships. 

I wasn’t thinking at this point and pulled out my cell and showed him that I did in fact send him the name of the book. I had sent him a photo of the book. 

He saw the Logo and knew my account. Was like “Oh yes”. I’ll have to assume he thought that account was just some spam or random follower. 

Oh, SHIT!!! Dam it!!!, someone knows my identity now, and what if he stumbles on my blog. Oh my!!!  He’ll know I have been calling him Skater Guy and referring to him as eye candy. 

I will hope he might have better things to do than read my blog for now. I must remember not to use that account when dealing with people locally. 

After the Tattoo Shop, it was just back to work and home. Of course, I wait until I get home to start craving a Hamburger. Too late now I am home and won’t be back out until Wednesday morning. 

Holiday tomorrow and all my neighbors have left town for the weekend, just me, my books, and blog to pass the time. I really should have gotten that burger before I came home. Have a great week !!!! 

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