Do you Journal?

Journaling has been something I have been doing for years. Only regret with journaling is that I threw out most of the ones from my younger years. Somehow, I thought my cruel world shouldn’t be known to anyone after death.

Death is how I picture someone reading my journal. Me dying and my sisters or son going through my stuff to find a stack of journals. 

Today I wish I had the journals from my younger years to look back on, to remember what might have slipped my mind over the years. 

Writing is Healing 

There is a lot of proof that handwriting is more powerful than typing. Writing with your hand has some sort of magic to it. Maybe it’s the motion, the patience you must withstand because it’s not typing (if you want it to be legible).

My Journal has been one of my biggest healing tools. Inside those pages hold so much pain, joy, suffering, gratitude, and deep help secrets. I have found myself pouring my heart and soul out on those pages when there was no one to talk to. 

My Journal is like a ritual, a companion, and I am the storyteller in those pages.

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Gratitude and Timing, 

I love starting my journal page with a list of things or people I am grateful for. It set the mood for me to write and let out my emotions, it also helps remind me that at that moment when I do not feel so great, I still have things to be grateful for. 

The Gratitude List is not always happening, sometimes I just need to write it out, write out my pain, and suffering in the pages. 

I don’t have a set time that I write, I do like mornings with my coffee and on weekends I will just write to keep myself busy and sort out all that’s going on with my head. When I am excited about something or have just spoken to my son, I will write saying how happy I am. 

I started to notice that the pages were full of pain, and since I assume these might be read by someone else one day, I want to also express my good times on these pages. It’s not always the case. I tend to grab my journal on all bad days. 

Dear God or Dear Diary?

I love it when I read It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover the main character used Ellen Degeneres as her Dear Dairy person. How kool is that right, writing to someone who has no clue who you are and you giving them tips on their life in your entries…HAHAHA.

I most always use Dear God/ALLAH, or I just write. Depends on the mood. 

I used Dear Diary years ago but found comfort in addressing my journal entries to God. I started doing this when I was going through a workbook, and it just stuck with me. I felt this was another form of me praying, like sending off my troubles to GOD. I don’t censor myself on these pages, I let everything out that’s on my mind. 

On the days that I choose to put “Dear God”, I do feel a bit of comfort, I feel like my heart has been on the pages, and now God has written proof that I need him or am Thankful. 

Journals can also be a great way to jot down your ideas, business plans, goals, poems, etc. There is so much a journal can hold for one person. 

If you have never had one before I do suggest trying to start one. Just look at what we are going through in this world. COVID -19 has changed our normal, our way of being.

I bet you anything, not even your grandparents’ thought we would go through something such as this horrible Pandemic. Think about when 10 years have passed us and things get back to somewhat “Normal”, wouldn’t you want to have this memory. Trust me even bad memories can be a blessing. It can show us how far we have come and if we are still stuck. 

I also need to mention here that Keeping a Journal or Diary is not just one sex being Male or Female. It is for everyone. I have always encouraged my son to keep a journal to write his feeing and thoughts down on paper.

Don’t wait to start a journal. It’s never too early or late to start a journal. 

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One thought on “Do you Journal?

  1. Keep the journals! I use my blog as my journal. I find that re-reading the painful ones can oftentimes show me how I grew from the experience. It reminds me to give myself grace. Plus, the amusing ones brighten my day. Keep writing no matter where. ☀️☀️

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