As most places are opening back, we are also having places that are locking down again.

Don’t even get me started on the frustrations with feeling like you are stuck in that movie Groundhog Day. Frustration is an understatement what I have been dealing with here is horrible Trinidad. Luckily and Thank God I have a kindle. 

Anywho!!!! Here is my list of top 5. Honestly, I really should have made this list 10. They are all 5 stars for me. 

1.     THE HENNA ARTIST by Alka Joshi 

The Henna Artist: A Novel (The Jaipur Trilogy, 1)

This was my first book club read. I give this a very easy five star. If you want to go to India and taste all the decadent foods, then this is your book. The story takes you back in time, lets you in on the culture and the struggle of one woman who is a henna artist. She leaves her drunkard abusive husband and does like on her own. During that time in India, it was not heard of to get a divorce or leave your husband. A divorced woman is very looked down on in India.


Alka Joshi did a tremendous job transporting her readers to India. There were moments I felt the powdered spiced, smelled the seeds and was comforted by chai tea. I must warn you; this book comes with a serious craving for Indian food. If you haven’t tried East Indian food yet, start simple with Naan and Chai Tea (Basically Bread and Tea, but go for a flavored or stuffed Naan). Samosas is something I would have for sure with this book.

2.     WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING by Delia Owens 

Where the Crawdads Sing

Kya Clark a.k.a “Marsh Girl”, is left alone to help herself as a child. As a mother, I felt for this little girl, but then again. This was a different time for sure. Based in North Carolina, Delia (author) takes you through Kya’s life from a child to a grown woman. This was one of the books I was sneaking in a few pages to read while I was at work (don’t judge). It’s a love story, It’s a mystery, It’s suspense. I was not shocked by the ending; I was very much pleased with it. I understood why this book got all the ratings it did on Amazon. Funny I had bought the book a year before I even took read at it. 


Come on now, you know we must eat some fried food with this book. I have never tried grits before, I am not even sure I can find someone to make grits down here. Homemade Fried Chicken with Gravy, Fried fish, Fries, and Coleslaw (Vegan) and give me some iced tea with this novel.  

3.     AMERICANAH by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


We had chosen this book for the book club, based on the Black Lives Matter movement. We wanted something to be engaging, but also something educational. I was hooked on Chimamanda’s writing style. The topic of immigration was very relatable able as my mother, sister, and I were immigrants to Canada. Being black comes in so many ways and as a woman with straight hair that came from the Caribbean, I was considered Black in Canada, but the black community is a whole other thing. This was something I always knew. Funny how in one country you are one Race and in another, you are completely the opposite. I love how she took you into the Nigerian Culture, the problems that most races face with moving to another country, how some women are faced with some extremely hard decisions trying to make it in a country where you have not been able to build a foundation. It’s also a love story that no matter where go in this world there is always that one person who has your heart and knows your soul. 


Jollof Rice is a must for this book. With the diversity of moving to America, you can also opt for your favorite fast food. I would go out of my comfort zone and try a different style of food. If you have never tried African food, Indian, Middle Eastern just try it to see if you like it. 

4.     IT ENDS WITH US by Collen Hoover

It Ends with Us: A Novel

I had moments I didn’t want to put this book down and moments I just had to step away to absorb and process the emotions I felt. Lilly is young and vibrant. The book goes into her past with her first love, then you get glimpses of the abuse her mother had to withstand with Lilly’s father. Lilly’s father is an alcoholic and abuses her mother. She witnesses her mother abuse over and over again for years and always swore to herself that she would never be like that. Lilly falls in love for the first time with a boy who is “homeless”. Atlas the “homeless”, will melt your heart.

 I have no idea how Collen Hoover did it, but she was able to make you understand why some women stay in toxic abusive relationships, the excuses we often make for the abuser. How love can be so kind and yet so hurtful. This was a story that I’ll always remember. This novel had me thinking about my mother, my aunt, myself, and many other women I knew or have witnessed being a survivor of domestic abuse. This book became very popular during the pandemic and I guess might have to do with the increased cases of domestic abuse. Either way, you won’t be disappointed, every woman should read this book. 


Comfort Food for sure!!! I would go with homemade chocolate chips cookies and a warm glass of the best hot chocolate you can find. It’s based in Boston so maybe a Boston Cream Donut. Geeze not even sure what foods Boston is known for. I will have to do a bit of research and try to make something from there myself. 


Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine: A Novel

Oh, Eleanor, where do I start with you. Eleanor is a hot mess, or maybe just completely fine. Eleanor had me laughing out loud and crying at times. Gail Honeyman did an admirable job with her expression of loneliness. If Eleanor was a real person, she might be my BFF. I was blown away by how she dealt with things in her mind and purpose, the same way I do at times. The most relatable part was her deep need for connection. Eleanor is not everyone’s cup of tea and she’s a bit of a weirdo, but aren’t we all in our very own way?  If you get anything from this book, it will be “be kind” and for me, that simple message of being kind and checking up on someone is a message we need at this time during the pandemic. 


There are some Vodka episodes in this book, but I won’t recommend doing what Eleanor used it for (inside joke for those who read the book). 

Get your favorite Pasta with Pesto or go for a Pizza and have it delivered. (you’ll understand why the delivery part once you read the book). 

This brings me to the end of my Top 5 During Lockdown. I have many more I would like to recommend to you. Like I’ve mentioned before I would like to start cooking more and maybe with these books, I will get some ideas. 

Fiction got me through some stuff times. I have learned a new way to balance my reading. I would read Heavy, and I would read Light. I have been taking the self-help books in strides. Recently I read “The Nightingale” I would consider that book a Heavy read so now I am reading “This Time Next Year” this book is my light read. Fiction books have taken me places I have never been, I have gone back in time, and I have felt and lost love with each of them along with every page. Most definitely I have gotten hungry with these novels. 

Happy Reading !!!! 


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