“it’s the small things, that give you comfort”. 


Last year during lockdown I started a failed book club with a friend of mine. I am happy to say that it failed and that I tried to start one. 

I was on a steady road on reading only self-help, religion, and spirituality. Yup, I was creating and reinventing myself one self-help book at a time. Then it came to a point where I was “I can’t do this, something is wrong with me in every book”. 

So with much time on hand why not start a book club right ?.

That book club would open the doorway for me to start reading fiction again like when I was a kid. I got to use my imagination and travel the world all in the comfort of my sofa. 

The book club failed when my friend and I had two different tastes in books, I was getting lost in them in a good way and she was wanting to know more about epigenetics. I sure was not about to read any more self-help anything when I was finally getting a chance to experience new authors and let my imagination run wild.  

I must say, here was one of the lessons when something fails, you still gain from it. 

I had an IG account (now deleted), I got to interact with fellow book lovers and even some Authors too. It was a short time, but I enjoyed the time the book club lasted. Boy oh, boy was I sure glad that it did. I had free rage to read what ever I wanted (totally sounding like a spoiled brat here, but who cares)

There is something magical about books, the way they feel in your hand, the word that swirl out of your mouth, the emotions that build up with suspense, the anger with a faulty situation, the mouth-watering food description to perfection that you’re taking a 30 min drive to get some samosas and chai tea.


I have lost myself in books, I have found myself in books, I have gained compassion in books. Above all, it’s the stories that stay with me, the ones I tell people about. You know the real page tuners. 

In my next post, I’ll give you a list of last year’s reads and my ratings on them. I am not a speed reader. Let me just tell you, they have some readers out there that are reading like 10 books a month, that is not me. I take my time with them, of course, I have my moments when it’s way past my bedtime that I am putting on my kindle just to read more. 

During my time being lonely or alone. Books have helped keep me company. Weeks would go by and I rather just read than watch TV. Sometimes at the end of the book, I feel like I know these people, or think about the author. I love when books make me think or make me go on a google search. I also love pairing books with food. 

OHHHHHH maybe I can do a food and book thing for this blog ?..

What books have you enjoyed this year ?. I might need some help with recipes for “Eat the Book section”

Next post to come: TOP 5 quarantine books to read (maybe I should make it 10!!!) 

Photos from https://www.pexels.com

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