Dark Nights

I can seem to eat or sleep. The thoughts In my head are too loud.

My soul feels like it’s gone , it just feels dark just like the night sky. Except there no shining stars. I want my soul to shimmer, just a little spark.

I feel like dying is what.

I feel like hope is gone, and with each breath so is faith.

How can this be me?

How can I live like this ?

How can it be so dark ?

The dark nights hurt , and the dark mornings hurt even more.

The depression has taken over my life , over my body and now my soul. Now it’s just dark nights everywhere everyday .


  1. I know hard times are so hard that it’s really difficult to bear. I can totally understand you. It has happened to me as well and it’s still happening to me! But what I can say is that this time will pass dear. Keep hope, you will see light! Life takes away things from us maybe because it wasn’t meant to be for us in any way but gives us what we truly need! Life will show you the way. Keep faith dear, good times are bound to come . Lots of love for you ❤❤❤

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