Surrender is Silence

After Surrender. You Take a Shower. 

You let that water run over all the seen scars from past pain, you let it wash away the energy that’s keeping you back, you let the water run through your hair feeling like a gentle massage and then you Pray. 

The Silence that became your enemy, because feeling so alone hurts. Now welcomes you as friends. 
Patiently waiting for your arrival over coffee and the sound of rain. The silence speaks to you and somehow holds you at this moment, giving you a slight comfort, but you are still scared, still unsure. You smell the shampoo from your wet hair and the soap that washed so many more things away than just dirt. 

You Breath, You just finally Breath. 

Silence now speaks to you, in ways you understand. Like a gentle hush, a  soft hum, and a tender hello. 

You now befriend the silence, telling it what you feel, you’ve managed to explain yourself to this silence without speaking a word. 

Then it becomes clear, your heart begins to open, it feels uncomfortable you somehow feel the shattered pieces being removed. It like a new heart, a new space, a new way, a new path.

You Breath. 

You let go. You finally Surrender. 

It feels strange, there’s a light in you that’s shining, it’s dim, it’s unsure, Its love, it’s also fear, but you give in. You give in to the Hope, to the prayer, to Surrender. The burden that got you there, is no longer yours to carry.